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The weather outlook for Saturday 8 2020 (Lockdown Day 135)

Sunset above DuToits yesterday


Garden Route surface winds at 13:00


Sun set flight at Du Toits yesterday

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EC surface winds at 14:00

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WC wind shear at mid day

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There is an acronym index at the bottom of the report for those not understanding some of the weather jargon. ;)

Day 135 of lockdown

Good morning you amazing Wild2Fly people! And an amazing flying ay yesterday too – the pilots who risked going to DuToit’s farm rewarded with some great-great flying until way after sunset! (Grove flew Louvains - got just over 4k and landed at the guest farm!) :) Today a big prefrontal day with a coastal low preceding the front dominating the weather in the west while the IOH is doing its thing in the east and also in the interior. Mostly very strong NW winds (40kts at TM top expected) but 20-30kts in most interior places except for the southern coastal areas where there will be a light s to SE flow pattern as the IOH NE winds creep further down the coast. Strong wave effects today with 8m/s climbs over De Doorns! The wind remains NW with height with a 140kts finish at the Tropopause. Freezing level around 10-12k.

CT – Those very strong N to NW winds all day with strong wind shear expected.

RB – Again WWB is very active!

PV – Very strong N to NW winds here all day too….

Wilderness – A sheltered and light offshore start which will remain light for the day but trending to the S and SE later on. Sedge with a smidgeon of up flow but the inversion just about at launch height so nothing really good expected there today. Even Buffs is looking too weak…

Plett – Similar to Wilderness but with a tad more SE so not good there either…

PE and PA – Initial offshores then a easterly trend – picking up in the afternoon. PA strong NE all day here….

EL – NE from the start getting to 30kts later in the day in places. Inland its strong NW with a high wind shear factor in most places of 25kts…

Inland – Those strong NW winds spoiling any chance of flying as the CF approaches from the west. Wind shear exceeding 25kts in most spots.

For Wilderness, sunrise was at 7:16 and setting at 17:55 (Day length is 10 hrs and 40 min). A sheltered light wind day for Wilderness making it perfect for walks on the beach or in the forest. Either way go get high on life! ;) Max temperature a comfy 22 degrees C! Enjoy the day! :))

Wild2Fly weather report Acronym sheet

IOH – Indian Ocean High Pressure System
SAH – Southern Atlantic High Pressure system
LSH - Lesotho High Pressure System
B/S - Boyancy Shear ration
CB - Charlie Bravo, Aviation term for Thunderstorms
CT – Cape Town
CP – Cape Point
CATS - Clear Air Turbulence
GR - Garden Route
EL - East London
LR – Lapse Rate
LH – Lions Head
SH – Signal Hill
SLP – Sir Lowries Pass
FB – False Bay
FH - Franschoek
RB - Rondebossie
PV – Porterville
CP – CarPark
BH – Beach Hotel
WC – Western Cape
PE – Port Elizabeth
PA – Port Alfred
WWB - Wrong Way Bob
W – West
OD - Over development
Q's - Cumulous clouds
SW – South West
WSW – West South West etc
If I have missed anything let me know.


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