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The weather outlook for Tuesday 2 June 2020 (Lockdown Day 68)

Previously Epic Swartberg flying!


There is an acronym index at the bottom of the report for those not understanding some of the weather jargon. ;)

Day 68 of lockdown

Good morning all you awesome Wild2Fly people! SAHPA is handing in our Covid SOP to CAA today… Fingers crossed! :)) Still the LSH dominance with those NW winds – strong on the high grounds 25kts in spots, while a shallow coastal layer will produces some SW to S winds along the southern coastal areas. Stable conditions near the coast with the exception in the far northern inland parts with some 2-3k AGL convection depth – but its still weak. What does make up for the lack of thermals is the high probability of strong wave activity in the SW parts of the WC. A perfect isotherm layer laying the foundation for this. :) The wind increases evenly from the surface all the way to the Tropopause for a 110kts finish. Freezing level around 13-14k.

CT – Some thick cirrus around with a chance of fog early on. A SW shallow bit around SH but its NW above with it a great 12 Apostle hangie day I think.


PV – Again very very stable with 500ft inversion and nothing happening above that. :) N to NW winds…

Wilderness – NW above with a shallow and light SW start on the surface trending to the SSE later on. A strong inversion with possibly in theory climbs to 1000’ a maybe but again I think it will be too weak. ;)

Plett – Same as Wilderness but some strong WSW at Robberg which does not quite make it to Keurbooms. Stable inland with that thick high level cirrus.

PE and PA – SW winds 5-10kts becoming lighter late afternoon with a backing to the SE at PA.

Inland That strong winter NW winds again but with some strong wave activity form the high mountains – especially towards the SW. 25kts on the surface in places. But very calm in the shallow valleys. If you know what you are doing you could have a good propeller day… ;)

For Wilderness, sunrise was at 7:27 and setting at 17:28 (Day length is 10 hrs 1 min). Another sweet sunny day and even a tad warmer than yesterday. Some high level clouds so perhaps not the best for vitamin D… ;) Max temperature a sweet 20ish degrees C today. Enjoy the day! :))

Wild2Fly weather report Acronym sheet

IOH – Indian Ocean High Pressure System
SAH – Southern Atlantic High Pressure system
LSH - Lesotho High Pressure System
B/S - Boyancy Shear ration
CB - Charlie Bravo, Aviation term for Thunderstorms
CT – Cape Town
CP – Cape Point
CATS - Clear Air Turbulence
GR - Garden Route
LR – Lapse Rate
LH – Lions Head
SH – Signal Hill
SLP – Sir Lowries Pass
FB – False Bay
RB - Rondebossie
PV – Porterville
CP – CarPark
BH – Beach Hotel
WC – Western Cape
PE – Port Elizabeth
PA – Port Alfred
WWB - Wrong Way Bob
W – West
OD - Over development
Q's - Cumulous clouds
SW – South West
WSW – West South West etc
If I have missed anything let me know.


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